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Document Translation

Our team of native translators can provide you with highly natural translations for all your general and specialized texts. To ensure accuracy, clarity, and reliability in specialized translations, our specialist translators have both the required expertise and long experience to translate specialized texts. And they maintain close interactions with industry experts to provide you with the best translations you will find for these texts.


Professional transcribers at Farsi Lingo have expertise in medical, legal, technical, commercial, and academic transcriptions. Our experienced transcribers are ready to serve you with their quality transcription services in the following areas:

  • Meeting and Conference transcriptions
  • Various forms of talks, discussions, speeches, presentations, and interviews on tape or video
  • Telephone conversations
  • Tapes and videos
  • Confidential legal recordings
Certified Translation

Farsi Lingo offers certified translation for all your personal and official documents, from personal ids to notarial documents and university scripts.

For more information about our certified translation, please refer to Farsi Lingo Certified Translation.


Farsi Lingo native editors and proofreaders can provide you with highest-quality editorial services by thorough readings of your translated material at various levels. From proofreading through substantive editing, our professionals will review your work at any level via a rigorous system to examine translated materials line by line. We are dedicated to making sure that from basics to finished copy, everything will be clear, accurate, natural, and free of errors in language and the mechanics of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Software Localization

Here at Farsi Lingo, we offer software localization services to growing businesses aiming to expand into new markets. Professional members at Farsi Lingo collaborate to prepare your software for new local markets and new audiences. We use all our expertise to make sure that your software is ready for the new settings.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We offer quality DTP services that guarantee the best output for all your documents. Our native DTP specialists are expert in formatting texts, regardless of scripts and typographic conventions. Our DTP specialists and typesetters are especially trained to format right-to-left languages, including Persian and Dari, and they are well skilled in formatting Latin and Non-Latin scripts.

Specialist Language Solutions