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Quality Assurance Protocol

Farsi Lingo takes great pride in offering high-quality language services to clients. We have a comprehensive quality assurance protocol that starts by selecting the most-qualified translators for your projects. Based on our commitment to quality, we use only certified translators with subject-matter expertise in translating your specialized text. To ensure translation quality, we make sure that all our translators

  • Are native speakers of the target languages they translate into,
  • Are accredited by translation and interpretation organizations,
  • Pass a subject-specific translation test,
  • Work according to Farsi Lingo standards.

Furthermore, all translated materials are verified by our language professionals for accuracy, adequacy, and consistency before final delivery to the project manager, who will then conduct a final review of your translated material. This will determine if your document is formatted properly and meets your original specifications in such things as text names and page numbers.

After a final check, the project manager will send you the final texts and awaits your confirmation and approval to officially close the project. Should there be any concern by a client about translated materials, the project manager will examine them and perform the necessary follow-ups. The project manager will continue to work with you until you are fully satisfied with the results.

If you wish to know more about our Quality Assurance Protocol, please contact us.