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Translation Project Life Cycle

The following diagram presents the translation project life cycle at Farsi Lingo.

Our team members at Farsi Lingo, including our qualified project managers and our experienced language professionals, work collaboratively on your projects to ensure that the final product is up to your expectations. Here is a simplified account of our detailed process for handling translations projects.

  • Receiving the quote request
  • Evaluating the source material
  • Planning and scheduling the project work:
    • Timing
    • Finding the best language professional(s) for the job
    • Providing language professional(s) with the available resources, including relevant glossaries/term banks and translation memories.
  • Assigning the job to the qualified language professional(s)
  • Monitoring progress of the project
  • Receiving the translated material(s)
  • Sending translated material(s) through the Quality Check Process
  • Final check
  • Delivering the project
  • Receiving client approval
  • Closing the project

Should there be any concern about translated materials, the project manager will examine them and perform the necessary follow-ups. The project manager will continue to work with you until your concern is satisfactorily resolved.