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Medical/Pharmaceutical Language Solution

Farsi Lingo is proud to offer tailor-made medical/pharmaceutical language solutions. These solutions are offered by language professionals with years of experience in translating medical/pharmaceutical documents.

We understand that quality is of essence in medical/pharmaceutical translations. That's why we have chosen the best language professionals to handle your projects. Our professional project managers work closely with our specialist native medical/pharmaceutical translators to deliver services that will meet your expectations at all levels.

Our medical/pharmaceutical language solutions are provided by specialist native translators who have expertise in translating for the medical/pharmaceutical industries. Our specialist translators are either professionals with scientific qualifications (such as medicine, biomedicine, biology, pharmacy, and chemistry), or language-proficiency professionals from the field of translation or languages with experience in translating for medical/pharmaceutical industries. Farsi Lingo's specialist translators for the medical/pharmaceutical industries work with the latest versions of translation memory systems and have access to a wide range of medical/pharmaceutical resources and references, including bilingual glossaries, term banks, and translation memories.

We also have a rigorous quality assurance protocol that guarantees you correct and clear translations. Moreover, our competent project managers handle medical/pharmaceutical projects with maximized care and attention to ensure premium quality and timely delivery.

Farsi Lingo is proud to offer quality language solutions for all varieties of medical/pharmaceutical texts and text types, including but not limited to

  • Batch Manufacturing Records
  • Case Report Forms
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Clinical Study Protocols
  • Clinical Trial Documents and Contracts
  • CMC Documents
  • Consent Forms
  • Data Sheets
  • DFUs
  • Drug Marketing Documents and Brochures
  • Drug Packaging and Labeling
  • ICFs
  • Insert Leaflets
  • Instructions-for-use Inserts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Labels
  • Litigation & Discovery Documents
  • Manuals
  • Marketing Authorization Documents (SPCs, PILs, labels)
  • Marketing Materials
  • Medical Equipment Documents
  • Medical Reports
  • Package Inserts
  • Patents
  • Patient Information
  • Patient Records
  • Pharmaceutical Fact Sheets
  • Pharmaceutical/Chemical Patents
  • PILs
  • Promotional Materials
  • Protocols
  • QOLs and other PROs
  • Regulatory Submission Documentation
  • Research Reports
  • SOPs
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Trademark Documents
  • Training Documentation

For exceptional medical/pharmaceutical translation services, look no further than Farsi Lingo.

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