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Technical Language Solution

Farsi Lingo is pleased to offer quality language solutions for all varieties of technical texts. These solutions are offered by language professionals with related technical knowledge and years of experience in translating technical documents.

At Farsi Lingo, we are aware of the importance of correct terminology in translating technical texts. That's why we work only with translators who are familiar with your field and can deliver you translations that are correct and clear. And to ensure consistency in your translations, we use translation memory systems. So no matter how big your project, we will be consistent in our use of terminology throughout your texts.

Farsi Lingo's technical-language solutions are provided by our specialist native translators who have expertise in translating for various industries. All of our technical and engineering translators have professional expertise in translating technical and engineering texts, including up-to-date knowledge of specialized terminology in related fields; they work with the latest versions of translation memory systems and have access to a wide range of resources and references, including English-Persian and English-Dari glossaries, term banks, and translation memories.

Farsi Lingo's rigorous quality assurance protocol guarantees correct and clear translations that are up to your standards. Furthermore, our competent project managers handle technical projects with maximum care and attention to ensure premium quality and timely delivery.

For superior technical translation services, look no further than Farsi Lingo.

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